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BOD-group head office in Vilnius Lithuania
Through continuous innovation to sustainable future


The history of the Global Bod Group, a high-tech group of companies, dates back to the production of CDs in 1998. Baltic Optical Disc (BOD) was the only industrial CD manufacturer in Northern and Eastern Europe. Initially, the company only produced solar cells, but within a few years, its production base was expanded to include the final product, solar modules, and within 10 years, SoliTek had grown and become a leader in solar technology in Northern Europe.

With the expansion of businesses, BOD GROUP opened the most environmentally friendly technology center in Europe in Vilnius, Mokslininkų str. in 2013. LIGHT WING, to which all the group's research, production and administration units were transferred. Within a couple of years, the BOD GROUP Technology Center has become an attraction center for the most advanced Lithuanian technology companies.

The third line of business is the production of a new generation of progressive optical spectacle lenses in 2014, when the spectacle lens manufacturing company Bod Lenses started operations. Taking advantage of BOD GROUP's engineering experience, Bod Lenses opened a new generation of Free Form RX progressive lens manufacturing lab in 2015. at the beginning near Vilnius, Trakai district. At 2020 all production lines were transferred to the BOD GROUP technology center in Vilnius.

In 2021 The CD company Baltic Optical Disc (TG) ​​was sold in a decision to reduce production and deepen the vertical. BOD Group 2020 completed the vertical integration of the solar energy business, covering the research and production of solar modules, the development of various types of solar power plants, construction, and energy production and storage solutions. We are now going even further and starting to research and innovate all types of storage, focusing on infrastructure storage and household electricity storage systems.

SoliTek Energy has already been established to develop autonomous electricity storage systems. BOD Group started construction of the new BOD Science Center, which will bring the full potential of BOD Group's innovation and research and research into the development and application of storage batteries, solar cells and prototype modules for industry and a new generation of fast charging stations. design, commissioning, monitoring and digitization of electricity generation systems from renewable energy sources and data analytics, research into the recycling of solar cells, modules and storage systems to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Global BOD Group has 288 employees at the beggining of 2022. All production lines are automated. 2020 turnover of the group was more than 24 mln. euros.

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BOD GROUP businesses
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SoliTek researches, develops, manufactures and installs glass-glass solar panels, for the rooftops, integrated into buildings or stand-alone on the ground.
Optical lenses
Bod Lenses is the largest, most advanced RX laboratory for personalized optical lenses in the Baltics and Eastern Europe.
Innovation Centre
The Innovation centre for scientific, experimental laboratories and office space for researchers, data processing and analysis staff.
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Bod Lenses recovers faster than expected after pandemic

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