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Manufacturer of Lenses

BOD Lenses is one of the most modern laboratories and manufacturers of progressive lenses in Europe, equipped with the highest quality Schneider GmbH & Co Kg machinery. The company produces single vision, progressive, antifatigue, office, and bifocal lenses with a daily production capacity of 4,000 lenses.

BOD Lenses laboratory meets the highest quality requirements using the newest equipment and providing the market with excellent ophthalmic lenses for various purposes. We aim to deliver durable and easy-to-use products for our customers with the care of the environment and a strong team of devoted professionals.

We seek advanced and research-based solutions to gain trust and loyalty in our long–term business partners and clients. BOD Lenses uses its authentic technology approach, impeccable quality and a versatile team that adapts to changes.

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All BOD lenses are produced digitally and individually. These lenses are designed to settle the ordinary and the most difficult vision problems.

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The material from which a lens is made has little impact on the corrective power, but it might have a big impact on lifestyle.

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Your lenses can be treated with over 10 layers of coatings to get clearer, stronger and offer more protection to the eye.

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