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Manufacturer of Solar Panels and Battery

SoliTek with 250 MW yearly solar panel capacity is the largest manufacturer of solar panels and energy storage systems in Northern Europe. 80% of their premium solar panels are exported worldwide, powering homes and businesses in Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and even the USA. SoliTek also provides solar panel installation services exclusively with their manufactured panels only in Lithuania, with a team of 11 in-house professional and certified installer teams.


The World’s Greenest & Toughest Solar Modules

SoliTek solar panels are the first and only in the world to have the prestigious Cradle to Cradle gold certification, known as the "Oscar" of sustainability. As a manufacturer of renewable products, SoliTek goes even further. It’s a net zero PV company, using exclusively 100% renewable energy in its module manufacturing. Even more, SoliTek solar panels are among the most durable on the market. They come with a 30-year warranty and have an expected lifetime of 50 years.


SoliTek NOVA – Smart Home Energy Management System

SoliTek NOVA is a smart home energy storage battery that helps to get the most from one’s solar power system and stay connected during power cuts. Powered by AI, the SoliTek NOVA battery is one of the smartest home batteries. The AI-controlled home energy management system adapts to optimize home battery use from the data on energy consumption habits and solar power generation. This way, SoliTek NOVA helps to save a lot on electricity bills.

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Integrated Solar Solutions: to Harness the Sun Everywhere

Solar panels aren't just for rooftops anymore. With Solitek solar modules, every surface can be utilized to capture and harness solar energy. SoliTek solar panels can be employed in carports (car shelters), PV agriculture installations, building facades, or even transport noise barriers. SoliTek solar modules are so tough that they could be installed not on the roof, but instead of roof (just as roof tiles). Yet, SoliTek doesn’t stop here. Their R&D team is always on for new ways to integrate solar energy to improve daily life.

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