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Innovation, Research and Laboratory Center

The BOD Group Innovation, Research and Laboratory Center is currently under construction in Visoriai. Building area - 18,188 sq. m. The complex will house scientific, experimental laboratories and office space for researchers, data processing and analysis staff. It will bring together the full potential of BOD Group's innovation and research, and will house many high-tech companies, lasers, solar cells and laboratories, resulting in high demands on the center, one of which is the A ++ energy-efficient, near-energy-efficient building. The Innovation Center will be the first fully independent production building to generate as much energy as it needs to operate. After 33,000 sq. m. 78 wells have already been installed in the building, which will not be connected to the heating networks. The new generation of heat pumps from 1 kWh of electricity is expected to produce 4.5-5 kWh of heat, and the cooling efficiency will reach 2.7 kWh. A solar power plant (with SoliTek solar modules) with a capacity of about 850 kW will be installed on the facades and roof of the center. An energy storage system shall also be installed to support heating, cooling and emergency lighting in the event of disturbances. Investments in the development of this complex amount to over 21 million. Eur.

Innovation centre202204-2.jpg

2022 April

Innovation centre202204-3.jpg

2022 April

Innovation centre202204.jpg

2022 April

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